My experience in photography goes back over 13 years to when I first began learning the skills and developing the passion that I have today. I first learned in the dark room during classes and furthered my education by taking classes in college that focused on the technical aspects of photography.

I feel a connection to nature and landscape at a soul level with a strong emotional connection. Photography is the way that I am able to outwardly express those feelings in a visual sense both for myself and others. The subjects that I photograph speak to me in an emotional sense and it is always my goal to capture those feelings during that moment in time.

It brings me great joy to share the knowledge and vision that I have with those around me as I feel it is a powerful tool and beautiful way to see the world around us.  Soon, I will be offering workshops in the field that focus on learning the technical skills as well as sharing my perspective of how to create a specific image in a given situation. Check back soon for details to come.